EIC Responds to the Environmental Governance & Principles consultation

On 2nd August, EIC responded to the government’s consultation on ‘Environmental Governance & Principles after EU Exit’

EIC’s key suggestions to government were:

  • The Government through Parliament should set the scale of the nation’s environmental ambition, with the consequent targets and milestones enshrined in law.
  • The proposed environmental body is a welcome development, but requires further strengthening in terms of its enforcement powers.  In addition to its advisory and analytical role, it should have the ability to initiate legal action against government where legal targets have been missed.
  • The body should, as the Government intends, cover domestically-derived (for example contaminated land regulation) as well as EU-derived legislation,
  • The body should if possible be a UK-wide body, co-owned by the four nations of the UK.
  • It should work closely with the Climate Change Committee to identify and come to a common view on links and trade-offs between climate change policy and broader environmental policy.

See here for the full response. 


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