EIC Responds to the Clean Air Strategy consultation

On the 14th August, EIC responded to the government’s consultation on its Clean Air Strategy.

  • EIC’s key recommendations to government were:
  • Match the GLA’s hyper local monitoring system at a national level to improve public
    awareness of air pollution.
  • Fund the display of visible public information on real-time air quality for public places.
  • Enshrine the target to halve the number of people exposed to PM pollution above
    WHO guidelines in legislation and ensure that the new environmental body holds
    government to account in meeting that target.
  • Strengthen proposals on innovation by including:
    • Funding for demonstration opportunities and testing facilities, to avoid
      bottlenecks in developing and deploying innovative technologies.
    • A clearer, longer term policy road-map that provides an investment framework
      for innovation.
    • An end to market distortions such as the availability of red diesel for NRMM.
    • Proper enforcement of air pollution policies.
  • Improve public information about indoor air pollution, its causes and its effects.
  • Introduce a standardised, affordable suite of indoor air quality tests with an associated
    rating scheme, to be integrated into an expanded Energy Performance
    Certificate called an Environmental Performance Certificate.
  • Ensure the Clean Air Zone frameworks encourage charging zones as an effective
    way of reducing air pollution.
  • Ensure that there is a commonality of regulation between local authority areas on air
    quality to reduce business compliance costs.

See here for the full response.

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