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Commenting on today’s publication of the Environment Bill, Matthew Farrow, Environmental Industries Commission Executive Director said: We strongly welcome the Bill.  Government policy is rightly becoming much more ambitious, which means the innovation and insights that environmental technology and services firms have is needed more than ever.  They and their investors need a coherent,

Guest blog: Citizens making sense of green data

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Dr Erinma Ochu MBE, Lecturer in Science Communication & Future Media from University of Salford will lead a session on 'Citizens making sense of green data'. Find out more about what will be covered in the conference next week. Citizen science, and in particular environmental citizen science is where the public, from different walks

Guest blog: Exploring smart cities and lessons learnt

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Parag Rastogi from arbnco Ltd, will explore Smart Cities at the upcoming Green Data Conference next week. Read his blog below, to find out more about his views on smart cities. The term “smart cities” is a much (ab)used word, as summarised by this article from the Centre for Cities, and resources cited therein.