Report launch – Delivering Environmental Net Gain

This week EIC released Delivering Environmental Net Gain at an event hosted by Robert Spencer, Chairman of the EIC Natural Capital Task force and Director of Sustainable development at AECOM. Attendees included SUEZ, DEFRA, Jacobs, HBF, Conservative Environment Network and Taylor Wimpey discuss the priorities for delivering environmental net gain.

Abstract from Report:

‘The direction of travel set out by the Government (25 Year Environment Plan (25YEP) is clear and given the scale of the pressures on the UK’s biodiversity and wider environment is strongly welcomed by EIC members and by wider stakeholders. The challenge is to operationalize the concept of net gain in a way that developers, consultants, utility sectors such as water, communities and local authorities can all work with and trust, and which will ensure that necessary development can proceed such that it contributes to the delivery of natural capital recovery and enhancement.’

The launch included a roundtable discussion and a presentation on ‘ENCA’ by Alistair Johnson from DEFRA. This was followed by a lively discussion which saw consensus on the report’s recommendations.

The report will be published on Monday 3 February.

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