Join us for a Net Zero Water Workshop in September

Welsh Water photo - dam

We’re looking for EIC members interested in joining a water workshop with a number of UK water companies.

As with other areas of industry, the UK’s water sector has enthusiastically embraced efforts to get us to Net Zero. It is now exploring how best to tackle the difficult issue of capital or embodied carbon.

While some of the answers will come from the water industry itself, the sector also recognises the need to learn lessons from other markets and engage across the supply chain at home.

As part of this exercise, EIC is organising a workshop in partnership with sister organisation ACE, on Tuesday 28 September. This exclusive event will help water companies understand the low carbon solutions already in development by some of our members, while exploring potential innovations that could be earmarked for pilot projects in the near term to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Commenting on the workshop, director of policy Matthew Farrow said: “This is  great opportunity for EIC members to showcase their innovation directly to potential clients and explore opportunities to test new technology and services. If you have a working interest in water, you won’t want to miss our workshop on 28 September. Get in touch today.”

Members interested in presenting at the workshop are invited to contact Karis Thain, head of membership, groups and Scotland at EIC. They will receive a copy of a questionnaire, exploring their ideas and approaches, which should be returned by Thursday 2 September. Non-presenting member companies are also encouraged to get in touch to book their place at the workshop.

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