The UK environment sector competes globally

The UK was a pioneer in pollution control. As a small crowded island that industrialised early, we have had long experience of managing people and industry in close proximity. For example, Battersea Power Station was the first power station in the world to be designed with built in emission reduction control in its chimneys.

To this day the UK has a good reputation internationally for environmental expertise and technology. Yet only 0.6% of the $1 trillion global environmental market goes to British firms. This market is growing fast and if we simply hold our share we could create an extra 27,000 jobs by 2025, equally if we could increase our share by half we would create an extra 40,000 jobs.

EIC helps its members grow internationally

EIC promotes British environmental expertise and helps its members gain business abroad. We are an accredited trade partner of the Department for International Trade and regularly host inward trade missions looking to make contact with UK environmental firms.

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