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Join EIC to Grow Your Business

The Environmental Industries Commission is a unique trade body which brings together the full range of companies whose innovation, technology and services help deliver a better environment for all of us.

Multinationals, technology starts ups, consultancies and universities can all be found within our membership, and our broad base gives us a powerful voice with Government and regulators to help shape the issues that affect your business.

Why join EIC?

  • Receive advance warning of regulatory changes that will affect your business, through the briefings from officials at our working groups and our analysis of Government plans.

  • Help EIC influence Government policy so that it enables the environmental industry to deliver environmental improvements in a pragmatic and cost-effective way.

  • Benefit from our programme of over 40 meetings and events a year where you can network with potential customers, suppliers and stakeholders and gain insight into the latest environmental innovations and trends.

  • Develop better understanding of the latest technological best-practice and commercial developments in the fast-moving environmental sector through discussions at our working groups

  • With the UK environmental sector only accounting for 0.6% of the global market we want to help EIC members access the huge business opportunities available abroad.  We are an accredited trade partner of the Department for International Trade, meaning that we get preferential access to information and trade delegations.

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I worked for a large corporate when I first heard about EIC and had to justify all spend very carefully. I was sceptical about the potential benefits, but took the plunge after meeting with members of the executive team. Over 15 years later and having been a member with two other employers and now owning my own company, I can safely say that EIC membership offers the best possible opportunity of engaging with regulators, professionals and colleagues at the highest level, both within industry and Government. It gives an opportunity to influence oncoming legislation as well as to be part of the development process, so being aware of oncoming factors. You get out what you put in, but with a minimum of engagement you can address your strategic and commercial challenges, create and capitalise on business opportunities and reap huge personal, professional, reputational and financial advantage.

Peter Atchinson, PAGeotechnical Ltd.

AECOM is delighted to be a Member of EIC, we actively participate in a number of the Working Groups and have done so for many years. Our attendance at meetings and the briefings we receive ensure that we are up to date with the rapidly developing and ever changing energy and environmental policy and regulations in the UK.  EIC membership also provides a great way to make representations to Government around proposed new policy and regulations, and a means to input when existing schemes are being reviewed.  We know that Government values insight from those that will have to implement its new initiatives.  I have been very impressed with the willingness of Government officials who attend the Working Groups and present to us.

Alison Crompton, AECOM

EIC is not just another lobbying body; they provide a valuable range of services, including invaluable news and analysis on policy updates. I personally find it can be full time job in keeping up with the changes in this dynamic field. EIC provides timely updates which cut through the noise and the complexity. EIC makes a difference. I commend them to all organisations interested in keeping up with this rapidly changing arena.

Sunil Shah, Acclaro Advisory