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2011, 2018

Draft Agreement on the UK’s Withdrawal from the EU – Implications for Environmental Policy

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DRAFT AGREEMENT ON UK’s WITHDRAWAL FROM THE EU – IMPLICATIONS FOR ENVIRONMENT POLICY It remains unclear whether the draft withdrawal agreement published last week will be enacted.  If it does, the impact on UK environmental regulations are likely to be as follows:   March 29 2019 to Dec 31 2020 – Transition period   In the transition period all EU

2910, 2018

Budget 2018 – Issues for Environmental Business

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EIC Executive Director Matthew Farrow commented on the Budget announcement of 29th October 2018: "The environmental content of the Budget was focused on plastics – its important that this issue does not suck up all the political airtime available for green issues.  That said, the proposal for a tax on plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled content, plus a

1910, 2018

Photo-catalytic treatments can help tackle air pollution, says EIC

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The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) has today published a review of the latest research into the effectiveness of photo-catalytic treatments (PCTs) in reducing local air pollutants. The report, commissioned by EIC and carried out global top-ten university Imperial College London, analyses all published results of trials of PCTs and includes modelling analysis by Imperial and leading environmental consultancy Temple Group

1810, 2018

EIC calls for a Green Budget to boost Clean Growth

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Please see here to read EIC's recommendations for the 2018 Budget, to better protect the environment and promote the growth of the green economy. To summarise our proposals: Environmental taxation should form a coherent framework which encourages businesses to act in a sustainable manner. There are numerous examples of the current environmental tax system creating perverse environmental incentives. A review

1510, 2018

EIC announces new partnership to drive clean economic growth

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Lancaster University has launched a partnership with the Environmental Industries Commission to support innovation and grow business which reduces carbon emissions and delivers clean growth. The partnership will support businesses which are working on ideas, developments and innovations which could cut energy use and waste. The recent IPCC special report on global warming of 1.5O C highlights the urgent need

1608, 2018

The rise and rise of green politics

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Written by EIC Director Matthew Farrow  Nearly 20 years ago, in the 1989 European elections, the Green Party won 14% of the vote.  At the time many felt that this heralded the start of the environment becoming a permanent fixture in British politics, but in fact it was something of a high watermark for the green movement, as the