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1510, 2018

EIC announces new partnership to drive clean economic growth

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Lancaster University has launched a partnership with the Environmental Industries Commission to support innovation and grow business which reduces carbon emissions and delivers clean growth. The partnership will support businesses which are working on ideas, developments and innovations which could cut energy use and waste. The recent IPCC special report on global warming of 1.5O C highlights the urgent need

1608, 2018

The rise and rise of green politics

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Written by EIC Director Matthew Farrow  Nearly 20 years ago, in the 1989 European elections, the Green Party won 14% of the vote.  At the time many felt that this heralded the start of the environment becoming a permanent fixture in British politics, but in fact it was something of a high watermark for the green movement, as the economic

1608, 2018

EIC Responds to the Clean Air Strategy consultation

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On the 14th August, EIC responded to the government's consultation on its Clean Air Strategy. EIC's key recommendations to government were: Match the GLA’s hyper local monitoring system at a national level to improve public awareness of air pollution. Fund the display of visible public information on real-time air quality for public places. Enshrine the target to halve the number

608, 2018

EIC Responds to the Environmental Governance & Principles consultation

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On 2nd August, EIC responded to the government's consultation on 'Environmental Governance & Principles after EU Exit' EIC's key suggestions to government were: The Government through Parliament should set the scale of the nation’s environmental ambition, with the consequent targets and milestones enshrined in law. The proposed environmental body is a welcome development, but requires further strengthening in terms of

2506, 2018

Five suggestions for the Waste & Resources Strategy

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One of the many government strategies promised to us over the past year has been a Waste & Resources Strategy. Only a year ago many EIC members in this field were bemoaning the lack of government leadership in this field, yet now we have an assortment of resources-related targets in the 25 Year Environmental Plan (doubling resource efficiency; ending avoidable

2006, 2018

Update on Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE

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Further to our announcement a few weeks ago, we can now provide an update on the situation regarding our chairman. As you may remember, we shared the news that after 14 years at the helm of ACE, Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE was stepping down from his role as chief executive, as well as resigning the chairmanship of EIC. ACE have