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1101, 2018

EIC Responds to the 25 Year Environment Plan

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EIC Executive Director, Matthew Farrow, said in response to the Prime Minister’s speech: Prime Ministerial speeches on the environment are an endangered species, so it is very welcome to hear Theresa May emphasise the crucial importance of the environment, the number of green jobs, the interdependence of economic growth and environmental progress, and the scourge of plastic waste. The pledge to show

2208, 2017

Putting the environmental sector at the heart of the Government’s industrial strategy

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One of the driving ideas at the heart of Theresa May’s vision for Britain is the rebirth of a term that since the 1970s has been rarely uttered by those in government – industrial strategy. Backed by the creation of a new department, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and championed by its Secretary of State, the Rt

2202, 2017

Turning the utopian stock image cityscapes of the future into reality

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We are all familiar with the antiseptic conformity of future cityscapes as presented in thousands of magazine illustrations and slide presentations on smart city topics.  The sky is always blue so the air looks pure, the water sparkles, the grass is green and there is nothing as vulgar as residual waste anywhere to be seen.  Actual cities today of course