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Like many challenges facing society, environmental issues are more acute in urban spaces. Cities are increasingly turning to technology and innovation to improve the lives of their citizens.

EIC’s Sustainable Smart Cities taskforce brought together those working in the space currently seizing the new opportunities created by more connected cities to tackle long-standing environmental challenges.

As governments at all levels open up the vast data sets they hold, there are more opportunities for innovative and ‘smart’ new approaches than ever before. Thanks to big data, AI, sustainable master planning, apps and – of course –  smartphones in everyone’s pockets, there has never been a better time to explore working in partnership with mayors and local government.


The group aimed to share learnings from across the industry in the UK and be inspired by best-practice from abroad. It authored several reports on the development and maturity of the sustainable smart cities market.

The group informed EIC’s thought-leadership in this area producing innovative yet tangible proposals to encourage sustainable and ‘smart’ cities, respond to government consultations, held events, wrote articles for industry press and regularly welcomed policymakers and industry experts as guests.

The work of the Sustainable Smart Cities taskforce has now concluded, although EIC will periodically return to the themes and topics across its policy activity, in future events and on our website.

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