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Environmental analysis is the bedrock of a strong system of environmental regulation that protects the public and our natural world.

Without confidence that pollutants are accurately identified and detected, even at very small concentrations, then the smartest, boldest environmental policy will ultimately be flawed.

EIC’s laboratory analysis group represents the major environmental laboratories that carry out testing on soil, water and air samples to measure pollutant levels. With world-leading facilities, these laboratories test samples from projects from all over the world.



EIC celebrates their contribution to environmental protection and ensures this is recognised by others. We also ensure the private sector is able to compete on a level playing field with public laboratories. EIC also helps to coordinate some of the standard setting for how testing is done.

The group meets quarterly. The chair is Dr Ken Scally (Suez) and vice chair is TBC.

Michael Lunn

Michael Lunn

Public Affairs and Policy Executive

Michael is public affairs and policy executive at EIC.

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Chetna Gorasia

Chetna Gorasia

Events and Engagement Coordinator

Chetna supports the membership and events work at EIC.

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