Policy / EIC Manifesto

EIC’s Manifesto for Green Growth, Skills and Prosperity: Priorities for the next UK government

The environmental services and technology sector contributes around £89 billion turnover for the UK, with around 349,000 UK jobs and £28 billion value-added over six years.

This sector is a driving force behind economic growth and a catalyst for positive environmental change.

The challenges we face today, whether around waste management, water conservation, air quality, nature and biodiversity, contaminated land, or environmental laboratories, require a multifaceted approach that engages experts and stakeholders across different sectors.

EIC's ambition for Green Growth, Skills and Prosperity could not be greater. This manifesto outlines our members' priorities. 

We stand ready to work with government to deliver regulatory and policy improvements.

As we stand at a critical juncture in the fight against climate change, the EIC policy manifesto sets the stage for collaboration and innovation across industries. We can create a cleaner, healthier, and more resilient future by providing a clear roadmap for sustainable growth. We invite policymakers, business leaders, and stakeholders to join us in championing these recommendations. Stephen Marcos Jones, CEO, EIC