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Spread social value knowledge around the built environment

Discover our valuable Social Value Matchmaking service aimed at connecting small and medium-sized companies with leading engineering consultancies to address social value challenges. The Matchmaking Service will be an opportunity for SMEs to collaborate with experienced large consulting firms in enhancing the social value of their projects. The service will bridge the gap between SMEs eager to make a positive impact in their communities and large consultants with their expertise and gain access to valuable guidance, resources, and strategic partnerships, allowing them to embed social value into their projects. 

By engaging in this initiative, your company becomes part of a powerful force for positive change, amplifying the collective impact on society and addressing problems that matter. 

Why participate? 

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To unlock synergies, supporting other consultancies to access innovative solutions to social challenges.

Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities by collaborating with like-minded professionals for the benefit of our industry. 

Mutual Growth

Mutual growth by collaborating with industry leaders to foster development and positive change. 

Collective power

Tackle social challenges collectively, tapping into the innovative prowess of our industry. 

Drive Positive Change

This initiative focuses on creating a profound impact on social value, benefitting both large organisations and SMEs size members. 

Show your social value

To demonstrate positive social value practice by helping SMEs in answering general questions relating to this sphere. 

Send your Social Value Question using the form below and our Policy Team will review it promptly and provide a comprehensive response at the earliest convenience. 

SME Social Value Request Form

This service is only open to ACE members. If you are not a member then you can join here or email our Membership team on