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Social Value is all about making positive changes in society. This includes benefits to people, the economy, the environment, and local communities.

There is a growing emphasis on the need for consultants in the built environment to prioritise Social Value.


In this section you will find helpful resources and support such as:

To achieve successful delivery and maximise impact, this fast-evolving field requires a wide range of specialisms from across our sector.

ACE and our members are committed to enabling and facilitating a deeper understanding of social value requirements and how to communicate the benefits.

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Social Value Guide

The guide will be launched soon. 

Social Value Matchmaking

This service aims to provide valuable guidance, resources, and strategic partnerships, empowering SMEs to embed social value into their activities and initiatives more effectively.

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By completing the form to express interest in being included in the distribution list to help SMEs in assisting with social value queries. Please indicate which of the social value support categories you could help with below. Please be aware that we are not asking members to discuss any commercially sensitive information relevant to their organisation to others but rather to help participate in a scheme that allows EIC members to provide general social value information and guidance.