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Society increasingly recognises the value provided by natural ecosystems. Whether cleaning air, absorbing carbon, pollinating plants, natural capital is just as – if not more – valuable than man made infrastructure and services.

The natural capital group explores the detail behind the issue, championing it to policymakers including Defra. Many of EIC’s environmental consultancy members are at the forefront of implementing new approaches to natural capital – whether working with progressive clients or through their thought-leadership.

Various methods have been devised to calculate the monetary value of these services to help determine appropriate trade-offs and the cost-effectiveness of policies to improve the environment.

While government has, to-date, mainly focused on biodiversity net gain, we now need to move beyond this towards environmental net gain and a recognition of a more sophisticated, broader, and holistic, view natural capital.

The group informs EIC’s thought-leadership in this area producing innovative yet tangible proposals to encourage the use of natural captial as a concept, responds to government consultations, holds events, writes articles for industry press, and regularly welcomes policymakers and industry experts as guests.

It meets quarterly and the chair is Robert Spencer of AECOM.

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