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26 SEP 2022


Claire Clifford on why EIC is participating in National Inclusion Week (26 Sept to 2 Oct)


am delighted that EIC is participating in this year’s National Inclusion Week. The campaign theme, Time to Act: The Power of Now, is a timely reminder that now is the right time for EIC to be exploring the issues through our Building Inclusivity campaign. 

While national campaigns can help to drive awareness, we need real action to ensure that we collectively move beyond words. It’s clear to me that inclusivity is a concept whose time has come and is very much here to stay. 

The enthusiastic response to our Building Inclusivity campaign demonstrates that many members think along similar lines. It has been a powerful vehicle to bring networks together to discuss inclusivity, share lived experiences, and provide simple yet impactful actions that can be implemented in the workplace, including the hybrid and virtual environments that many organisations now operate in. 

We hope that by supporting another campaign in National Inclusion Week, we will be able to tap into more experiences from across the world of business, explore how other sectors are tackling the issue and highlighting inclusion. We hope EIC members will join us as we share some of the positive stories from our own industry. 

While national campaigns can help to drive awareness, we need real action to ensure that we collectively move beyond words. Claire Clifford, Director of People, Culture and Skills at EIC

The war on talent and skills shortages mean there is a natural need for businesses to widen their talent pool, reaching out to communities that had previously been overlooked. To do this, we need to explore the policies and processes that make the workplace truly accessible, while investing in change. 

In this case investment is not primarily about money – although that helps – it is more about time. To my mind it is about spending the time to think differently, to allow colleagues and teams to grow and explore, and creating the creative solutions that lead to greater inclusion. 

For employers a great first step could be outwardly supporting National Inclusion Week. Not only does it show the world that your company is committed to positive change, but it also creates a shop window for those looking for roles in progressive companies with inclusive environments. 

For EIC and ACE members, we’d also urge you to get involved in our Building Inclusivity campaign. We want to hear how your company is creating an inclusive workforce, from colleagues that might have experiences they would be willing to share, and how you have enabled your people to bring their whole-self to work. 

From my perspective, the agenda is only becoming more important. At EIC and ACE we will continue to discuss inclusion over the coming weeks and months. Firmly embedded in our recently launched Blueprint, we hope soon to share details of new inclusivity events, the creation of a ED&I workplace charter, and our forthcoming work programme for 2023.  

We will continue to encourage our members to reach out to all communities, to seriously consider alternative ways of thinking, and to promote the built environment as a safe, progressive and inclusive place to work. 

Find out more about Building Inclusivity, EIC and ACE's cross-industry ED&I campaign. 

Claire Clifford is director of people, skills and culture at EIC. 

Claire Clifford

Claire Clifford

Director of People, Skills and Culture

Claire is EIC's HR expert.