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11 FEB 2020


We preview the look and feel of our upcoming campaign

While we await further details of the make up and scope of the Net Zero group, and in advance of the launch of dedicated campaign pages on our website, we thought we would take this opportunity to preview the campaign’s look and feel.

EIC and sister organisation ACE are joining forces to explore how we can deliver carbon free infrastructure and help society to move towards a Net Zero future. 

Logos are meant to be simple, scalable, impactful, versatile and relevant. When a campaign has multiple stakeholders working across two separate industries and in a subject area as huge and as significant as the environment, this can be a challenge.

Designed by EIC's senior graphic and web designer, Riccardo Gualandi, the logo not only embraces the joint campaign, but makes a strong statement in itself.

On the Net Zero campaign, Riccardo said: “Reducing carbon emissions by 100% compared to 1990 won’t be easy but it must be done. We can no longer simply ignore environmental issues and must stop and think about our future.”

“I wanted this logo to make a statement, yet still be flexible enough to be used by any ACE or EIC member in any corporate environment, and I think we’ve achieved that.”

Riccardo added: “Hopefully this doesn’t need explaining, but we’ve cleverly created a visual pun which can be read either as “net zero emissions” and “no emissions”  which allows us to be both informative and make a strong statement.”

Building out from the logo, a suite of communications materials  everything from document and presentation templates, to report covers  will be created for the campaign.

This includes iconography to help the group stand out and make bold, unique statements in its communications.

Stay tuned to EIC's website over the coming weeks for further details on the Net Zero group and additional details on the campaign’s scope.