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01 DEC 2022


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Following our Building Inclusivity roundtable 'Overcoming Barriers' which explored supporting Ethnic Minority communities in the workplace, EIC shares a series of tools and stories designed to help your business.  

Especially curated by EIC, these have been created by subject matter experts or shared by expert organisations, and will provide your company with the practical and informative support necessary for you to take positive steps in this space, no matter the size of your business or resources available to you. 

Commenting on the tools, Claire Clifford, director of people, skills and culture at EIC said: “We’re delighted to share a series of tools and inspirational stories to support your business to have these – at first glance – difficult conversations. We hope they will help your company to take positive steps towards better supporting Ethnic Minorities in your workplace.” 


This Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) video below offers a good starting point for discussing race at work.  


The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has published a report on racism in the workplace. It’s invaluable to understanding the overarching issues in this space. Ignored potential is a pioneering piece of work from the USA exploring how to increase more African American women in engineering. 

CIPD has created a series of guides to support employers, including developing an anti-racism strategy, the creation of employee groups for Black and Ethnic Minority Communities, and on Ethnicity Pay Reporting.  

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has a handy guide on race discrimination. In the same area, the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) hub offers best-practice and support for employers. 

The Institution for Civil Engineers (ICE) has published an invaluable anti-racism toolkit. 


Engineers without Borders explores racism in engineering in this webinar showcasing “the stories behind the statistics.” 


Susan Long Walsh advocates for less corporate lip service, and she presents an action-based tool to take people from nice words to real measured changes that hold them accountable, in this inspiring TEDx Seattle talk from 2020. 


CIPD explores why it’s so hard to talk about BAME at work in a podcast from 2018 featuring personal experiences and examples of organisations that have got it both right and wrong. 

View more on Building Inclusivity at our dedicated campaign hub.