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11 AUG 2020


Refocusing our activity to continue to support you through the crisis

The exceptional times we are living through have meant we have to make some changes to how we operate.

We have reassessed our offering and will work more closely with our sister organisation, ACE, to ensure we can continue to support our members and the wider industry through the – no doubt – challenging months ahead.

A larger joint-policy team, that Matthew Farrow will head-up as Director of Policy, will allow EIC to lead the agenda on the environment and infrastructure as the country aims to ‘build back better’ post COVID-19. Where EIC members’ markets are more specialised, we will continue to support a proactive programme of activity within our working groups, as has been the case to date. In addition to the above, Matthew Farrow will continue to act as EIC’s spokesperson.

By working more closely with ACE, we will also gain access to an expanded membership and business engagement team who, over the longer-term, will provide a broader range of support. Darrell Mathews, Director of Membership & Business Engagement for both organisations, will manage Judith Herdsman who will continue to be your point of contact for day-to-day EIC membership issues.

Finally, we will explore opportunities for co-location to work more collaboratively with members and we hope to eventually secure a new hub office in London.

Commenting on the changes, Matthew Farrow, spokesperson for the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) said: Although this shouldn’t result in any immediate changes in our approach, I’d like to thank you in advance for your understanding as we move to new ways of working in the coming weeks.

“By working in close partnership with ACE, we will be able to up our game as our members need it the most and help them navigate the challenging weeks and months ahead.”