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04 MAR 2020


EIC joins sister organisation ACE to explore how we can deliver a Net Zero built environment

How society responds to the Net Zero challenge is the biggest question of our time.

The government has committed the UK to cutting greenhouse emissions to net zero and in doing so is playing its part in capping global heating at 1.5 degrees, thus mitigating the worst effects of climate change.

How we design, build and operate our buildings and infrastructure will become the key consideration. Changes in process, construction materials and technology will help deliver sustainable buildings which are net zero over their lifetime.

Identifying best-practice from across the EIC membership base will help us to rise to this challenge and deliver on society’s ambitious goals. Sharing innovation in the widest possible sense will help us to creatively respond to the challenge. This is also why the campaign is being delivered in partnership with EIC’s sister organisation, the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE).

Chaired by Sarah Prichard of ACE member BuroHappold, the Net Zero taskforce brings EIC and ACE members together to outline a net zero future for our industry. It will engage with EIC's and ACE's groups, and with the wider industry, through dedicated events and sessions at conferences.

Findings will be pulled together in to two reports. One will explore how well our sector is rising to the challenge, the other will provide SMEs with the tools for siezing new opportunities in a Net Zero world


Are we ready? Delivering Net Zero in the built environment

December 2020

Exploring how prepared we are for Net Zero.


Net Zero: A guide for SMEs working in the built environment

July 2021

Practical member only guide to Net Zero.