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31 OCT 2022


Climate Change group inputs into review of Government’s delivery of Net Zero targets

Through its Climate Change advocacy group, EIC has inputted into Chris Skidmore MP’s consultation on government’s approach to delivering Net Zero targets, as part of an independent review of Net Zero.

On top of outlining progress towards Net Zero ambitions, the review also explored how a strategic approach can also deliver growth, investment, jobs and export opportunities; support the UK’s energy security and affordability for consumers and businesses and minimise short-term costs for businesses and consumers.

The formal response, which also encompassed the views from ACE members who jointly make-up the advocacy group , included key asks for Government to explore:

  • Reforming internal ways of working and introduce more efficient and modern methods.
  • The link between Net Zero Strategy and Levelling Up.
  • How project systems could become Net Zero ready.
  • An increased focus on skills and training – for example, through Climate Emergency Future Skills Action Plan and a review of the Apprenticeship Levy.
  • Boosting innovation funding and a stable policy framework to provide a clear direction of travel.
  • Support for SMEs to overcome time and knowledge constraints.

Olivia Smalley
, policy and advocacy officer at EIC, said: “Working at the coal-face of the environmental economy, EIC members are ideally placed to offer practical insights and share their experiences of working in this space. This will not only help ensure a more rounded Net Zero strategy, but one where all companies – no matter their size – can positively and proactively contribute towards national goals.”

The Government lost a case in the High Court in July brought by Client Earth, Friends of the Earth and the Good Law Project for failing to outline how it will meet Net Zero goals. It now has until March 2023 to share revised plans for how it will meet its legally binding targets. The Climate Change Committee (CCC) also criticised the government over the summer for “major policy failures” and “scant evidence of delivery.”

Guto Davies, head of policy at EIC, said: “The Skidmore Review is an excellent opportunity to reflect and rethink elements of our approach to delivering Net Zero. This moment should also be used to respond to recent criticisms of the approach and nurture a fully compliant strategy which puts us on a path to achieving the ambitious targets.”


Review of Net Zero

October 2022

EIC's climate change taskforce responds to review led by Chris Skidmore MP.