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21 FEB 2022


A transformational opportunity for nature, people, places, and the economy

Following the introduction of the Environment Act last year, and the requirement for all appropriate developments to deliver a minimum 10% net gain in biodiversity, the Government is consulting on how it will be implemented.

Led by Defra and supported by agency Natural England, the consultation will ensure the Government can deliver on its pledge to make sure new developments better protect and enhance nature and wildlife while delivering better places to live and our environment is left in a better state for future generations.

Both EIC’s Natural capital and Contaminated land groups have already heard from Defra and Natural England officials in the last few days. This is an important step to building effective engagement with Government and ensuring the views of EIC members are heard.

EIC will now be taking this work forward and is gathering views to inform our consultation response. As well as engaging with the members of the Natural Capital and Contaminated Land groups, we want to hear from any member with an interest in the topic.

Commenting on the consultation, Guto Davies, Head of Policy at EIC said: “We’re calling on all EIC members with an interest in Biodiversity Net Gain to get in touch to help us shape our response. This is a key piece of legislation which will have long-lasting implications, as well as potentially creating opportunities for members, so it’s important our views are heard clearly.”

Our deadline for comments is Wednesday 23 March 2022 and those interested in supporting the submission can do so by contacting Paul Barnes. In return you’ll receive a set of questions to help frame your feedback.

The Government response is expected by the summer.