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30 MAR 2022


A policymaking opportunity to reinforce the importance of brownfield

EIC is engaging with the Land Use in England Committee in parliament which is calling for evidence on current and future demands on land use and how decision-making in this area can be improved. 

 While not directly linked to brownfield development, there is an opportunity for EIC members to highlight its importance as part of a holistic land use management policy across England alongside greenfield building. 

The Committee is considering current demands  on land use in England and how they might change over the longer-term, the impact on the environment and climate change, variations between urban and rural areas as well as across the UK, and how the decision-making could be improved to unlock more integration and multi-functional uses of land. 

EIC members interested in inputting into our consultation response on behalf of the industry are invited to contact Adora at EIC before 19 April 2022. This will allow the policy team to formulate an official response on behalf of membership. 

Guto Davies, head of policy at EIC, said: “We will use this opportunity to highlight the importance of a rounded land-use policy, which is currently not recognised under the National Policy Planning Framework, and support our broader campaign aims to unlock the opportunity of brownfield development. 

“Brownfield has a potentially huge role to play in terms of meeting political ambitions around levelling up and for sustainable development. A holistic approach to land management can provide a strategic approach to help do so. We’d urge members with interest in this area to get in touch soon.”