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27 MAY 2020


Discussion paper from sister organisation ACE available to download now

Sisater organisation ACE launched its latest discussion paper, Measures for successful outcomes: the five capitals approach, at a special webinar earlier today.

Joining ACE chief executive Hannah Vickers was the chair of the sustainability group and sustainability director at Tony Gee, Natalie Cropp, as well as Keith Waller and Ron Lang, respectively programme and impact directors at the Construction Innovation Hub (CIH).

Together they explored how the five capitals approach, as outlined in the paper, will help us identify the positive impact of projects and programmes beyond the financial, exploring the natural, social, human and manufactured returns alongside it.

Ron and Keith shared how the paper has already fed into wider work of the CIH on behalf of the Construction Leadership Council.

Commenting on its release, Hannah Vickers, chief executive of ACE said: “Sustainability has never been higher up the political agenda and ensuring we’re able to meet Net Zero expectations on infrastructure and construction will be crucial to making the most of any post-COVID recovery programme.”

Ms Vickers’ added: “Government has made clear its ambitions to deliver a Net Zero society. But before we can turn that aspiration into reality, we need to make sure that our procurement process rewards value creation.”

Replay the webinar below:

The discussion paper outlines how a five capitals approach to decision making, investment appraisal and procurement could work in practice and through best-practice examples outlines how it is already happening across the built environment sector. Offering a framework for success, it is vital reading for everyone in our industry, but especially for anyone working in project management sustainability and procurement.