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02 SEP 2021


Move follows closer working relationship between EIC and ACE

Thanks to the closer relationship between EIC and sister organisation ACE announced last year, EIC is pleased to share that members can now access a new group focusing on HR.

The HR Forum discusses vital issues including skills gaps, attracting and retaining millennial workers, recruitment, and equality and diversity. For smaller members it provides additional HR support, and for larger ones a sounding board for innovative ideas.

EIC members interested in attending are encouraged to get in touch with Claire Clifford, Director of People, Culture and Skills, at EIC, today. Alternatively, explore the HR Forum's pages on our website.

She said: “We’re delighted to welcome EIC members to the HR forum! While the sectors are clearly different, the topics discussed will be all too familiar to EIC members. The in-depth discussions and networking opportunities will benefit any business, no matter the industry.

“The working group oversees a range of guidance and templates which we’re exploring how best to adapt for, and share with, EIC members. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to welcoming new members to upcoming meetings.”

The next meeting dates of the HR forum are Tuesday 19 October at 12.00pm and Thursday 9 December at 12.00pm.

Find out more about the HR forum by emailing Claire Clifford today.