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08 JUN 2021


Brighton, Coventry, Keele and West of England universities to offer course from autumn 2021

As we approach its third year of delivery, TAC is delighted to share the ongoing success of the Environmental Practitioner Degree Apprenticeship.

The degree, which is currently delivered by two TAC approved providers Kingston University and the University of Bolton, will soon be available via another four providers, with the University of Brighton, Coventry University, Keele University and the University of West of England, Bristol all introducing the standard from this Autumn.

Environmental Practitioners work across environmental policy and legislation, air quality, climate change, energy, water resources, waste management, ecology, acoustics, land contamination, sustainability, landscape and heritage. They manage at an operational level solutions which maintain, enhance or minimise environmental impacts – for example when designing, developing or refurbishing drainage, utilities, renewable or emerging technologies, coastal or flood defences, transport systems or major development programmes across the natural and built environment.

Kimberly Murphy, Apprenticeship and Skills Manager, welcomes the move: “This TAC standard has been widely adopted it is hardly surprising given that green jobs are now widely acknowledged as our future. It’s great news and we’re delighted that more apprentices will, through a valuable mix of skills and learning, gain the attributes necessary to thrive within and without the industry. More training providers also means more options, with delivery on block release and day release to help the apprentice and business grow deepening on the individual needs. I urge you to reach out to the universities directly if you would like to know more on recruitment.”

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