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19 DEC 2022


Changes at the Technical Apprenticeship Consortium (TAC)

The Technical Apprenticeship Consortium (TAC) is moving to an independent subscription model which will unite employers in our sector looking to develop educational pathways into our industry.

Since 2011, TAC has been developing apprenticeship standards on behalf of the industry and was directly supported by some of the employers who benefitted from them. In 2020, TAC’s approach shifted to be financially supported by all of EIC's and ACE's members through their membership fees.

From January 2023, it will return to an independent subscription model which will support the activities of the group, and will ensure they can continue to support the apprenticeship needs of the sector. This includes facilitating trailblazers to support the 12 apprenticeship standards already developed by TAC to date.

Gareth Drought (Tony Gee), chair of TAC said: “TAC will continue to champion apprenticeships and other educational pathways into our industry. Through the 12 standards developed over the last 11 or 12 years, we have demonstrated the need from employers in the sector, as well as from educational bodies and apprentices.”

“We have huge expertise and experience in navigating the complicated funding rules, the sometimes-technical jargon, and in standard specification. As a result, we’re ideal partners for any organisation working in the built environment which is looking to develop or adopt an apprenticeship standard… Please do get in touch!”

Companies interested in exploring how they can drive the apprenticeship agenda and shape the future of apprenticeships by supporting TAC in their new phase are invited to email TAC chair directly.

Commenting on the changes, Claire Clifford, director of people, culture and skills at EIC said: “Apprenticeships are an important route into our industry and are part of the solution to some of the long-term skills challenges our members face. EIC will continue to champion the route into industry – which will feature heavily in 2023 as we ramp up activity in the people space – and start to develop holistic solutions to some of the skills challenges faced by our sector.”

“Many EIC members are already actively involved in this area, not only through the employment of apprentices, but in supporting cross-industry activity through TAC and other bodies. We look forward to continuing to work collaboratively across the sector on skills.”

As a result of this change which comes into effect in January 2023, the TAC landing page will no longer be hosted on the EIC website. Please make sure you follow TAC on Twitter to be kept up to date on their future activities. Browse EIC's Apprenticeship FAQs here.