Net Zero

14 AUG 2023


The government has announced the creation of a single platform for net zero advice for UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

The UK Business Climate Hub will help Britain's 5.5 million SMEs access new advice and support to reduce their energy bills while cutting their carbon emissions.

The website includes a free carbon calculator and a suite of new tools to help businesses measure, track and report on their emissions and save money by using less energy. 

It offers detailed advice on everything from sourcing products from green suppliers and reducing emissions from freight and logistics to the most cost-effective ways of installing solar panels and electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

The hub is a collaboration between UK government, all major business organisations acting under the umbrella of the Broadway Initiative and the SME Climate Hub.

Lack of accessible support, tools and guidance are major barriers often cited as preventing SMEs from beginning their journey to net zero. 

Research from Sage and the International Chamber of Commerce shows 90% of SMEs are keen to tackle climate change but find it difficult to know how or where to start. 

Minister of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, Graham Stuart, said: “More and more businesses are recognising the business benefits of reaching net zero and we’re determined to empower them to do so.

“The new UK Business Climate Hub is a one-stop-shop for businesses to find practical advice to reduce their carbon footprint and save on their energy bills.”

The new UK Business Climate Hub aims to help businesses who have yet to start making changes, as well as those who are already taking action to reduce emissions but want to take things to the next level.

As well as helping firms measure and report on their emissions, the site provides advice and support on an array of things, including switching employee modes of transport and paying less for company EVs, getting an air source heat pump, generating green energy, reducing waste and recycling more.

The new site is endorsed by business leaders and ministers on the new Net Zero Council and comes as the organisation calls on business representative organisations across the country to take concerted action to plan to reduce their members’ emissions.

The group, comprising CEOs from leading companies including Co-op, HSBC, Siemens and Cemex, have developed a new business roadmap framework to help empower businesses to work with others in their sector to create tailored action plans for their own industry to decarbonise.

The Net Zero Council is the Government’s collaboration with finance and business leaders spearheading the green transition.

The UK-specific content for the site was originally developed by experts on business decarbonisation and business associations brought together by the Broadway Initiative in response to a request by the Federation of Small Businesses. 

Broadway Initiative convenor Ed Lockhart said: “UK Business Climate Hub provides a front door for advice for businesses on how to reduce carbon emissions and succeed on the journey to net zero. 

“Through collaboration and partnership, we have created a widely accepted single point of information. Now we need to keep on improving the content and promote it widely so as many businesses as possible can benefit.” 

Martin McTague, who chairs the Federation of Small Businesses, added: “SMEs recognise their role in net zero but many still find it challenging to access the relevant support and resources to play their part.  This new official platform for advice and support will really help.

“In addition to helping small firms become more energy and resource efficient, the hub also has the opportunity to empower small firms to take ambitious steps towards net zero, ultimately ensuring that they also benefit from the economic opportunities created in a net zero economy.”

Click here to find out more about the UK Business Climate Hub.


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