Following the success of season one of its new webinar series, Navigating COVID-19, EIC has announced details of its follow-up season.

Designed to help members and the wider industry deal with the consequences of the crisis, the second series will also see us start to explore recovery issues and how our industry can play a key role as a catalyst for the wider economy.

We will soon be sharing details of episodes on bank loans and finance, tax credits, working from home, and the recovery. As with the first season we will add topics and speakers as we progress through the weeks, and will include thought leaders, EIC and ACE members and representatives of government.

We will host a webinar a week until the end of May hosted by Hannah Vickers, chief executive of EIC's sister oganisation ACE.

Maximising motivation while in lockdown (22 April 2020, 12.00pm)
Performance Psychologist Dr Andrew Dewar of WSP and Georgia Hughes of Arcadis and chair of ACE’s Emerging Professionals join us to discuss how you can make the most of your time whilst working at home. They’ll share practical tips and advice to help boost productivity which will apply to any role and at any level.

A special thank you to ACE Emerging Professionals North West for their support in delivering this webinar.

View details of other episodes in the series and replay all the episodes from season one on our COVID-19 hub.

Please note this event has now concluded. Replay the webinar below.


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