Modernising railway examination

Using superpowered tablets to automate railway examinations

Network Rail gains real-time insight across its network

Modernising railway examination

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Network Rail gets real-time insight powered by 300 military-grade tablets. 

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Network Rail gets real-time insights across its UK-wide network, powered by 300 military-standard tablets.

For decades, trackside examinations had been run via labour-intensive manual processes, which were both prone to human error and a drain on company time. 

But with Amey's strategic insight, Network Rail have now been able to bring their examinations into the twenty-first century.

Withstanding rain, shine and everything in-between, the army of superpowered 8" tablets give Network Rail round-the-clock updates across their network. Better still, the tablets effortlessly integrate with Network Rail's in-house apps, allowing the firm to seamlessly transition over to digital processes.

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Network Rail

This technology has the potential to virtually eliminate manual processes for typing up hand written notes and data entry, making the whole examination process vastly more efficient and effective.

The company’s database of asset
information is continually updated in real-time from sites where the examinations are taking place.

Network Rail

Network Rail