Welsh Water Capital Delivery Alliance 

Overhauling digital infrastructure to facilitate fluid collaboration

Overhauling Welsh Water's digital infrastructure

Facilitating fluid collaboration

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Overhauling digital infrastructure to help Welsh Water's capital partnership.

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    Welsh Water Capital Delivery Alliance

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    Welsh Water

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    2 years

Arup were tasked with migrating the Welsh Water Capital Delivery Alliance’s existing collaboration environment to Welsh Water’s collaboration platform, Source, allowing alliance partners to seamlessly manage their work.

A platform migration of this scale requires extensive consultation and prior planning. Together with Welsh Water, Arup engaged with users to define the scope of functionality required, researched the application with Microsoft and trialled new out-the-box SharePoint features.

In a unique form of collaboration, Arup was also allowed access to and use of ShareGate - a bespoke Welsh Water licenced tool, offering an efficient, cost saving approach to migration.

With this migration also came general improvements to Welsh Water’s digital systems, including flattening the information structure on Source. This is challenging shift in SharePoint information architecture where organising, storing and labelling content can now be arranged in logical groups.

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A flattened information architecture supports content findability and usability, helping Alliance colleagues find the right information at the right time while still ensuring the content is stored once and not multiple times.

This overhaul of the Welsh Water Capital Delivery Alliance’s digital infrastructure has stimulated greater collaboration and has been a key enabler in bringing the Alliance and wider Welsh Water business together – allowing the respective teams to work smarter and more seamlessly, and helping to deliver operational efficiencies into the future.

Please note that Arup is one of several ACE members working with Welsh Water as part of the Welsh Water Capital Delivery Alliance. Arcadis and Mott MacDonald are also involved.

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